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Porto Santo Line - What to do in Porto Santo island

Off Road trips

Have you ever imagined getting to know Porto Santo in vehicles or off-road motorcycles? Put on the adventurous spirit and let the skilled ones lead you to discover inhospitable and surprising places. Let yourself be rocked by the fall colors that dye our hills and enjoy the beach from distant spots and magical settings, stretching to the horizon and turquoise water. Do not miss out on the thrill of a trip you only find on this island, where the sea embraces the sunset.



Geosciences - Geodiversity of Porto Santo

They are not to enjoy all on the same day, but the 20 geosites of Porto Santo await your visit. Do it with no hurry. In this autumn of dry tones and temperatures that still invite you to escape, lose yourself in places where the geological history of the island is mixed with the turquoise blue of the warm waters.
There is a geopark scattered through the most incredible places, fossil treasures studded in the most enchanted places, which you will want to discover on your next trip. Let yourself be seduced by the 517 meters of maximum altitude of the island that stretches out to sea and enjoy a unique geological heritage in the world.



Colombo’s Festival

Have you ever imagined entering a time machine and return to the day that Christopher Columbus arrived in Porto Santo? Imagine being able to watch the navigator's landing on the golden sand, the parade and dances of the newcomers to the island. All this is possible for three days, this year between 13 and 15 September, with a scenario in which practically the whole island dresses up to receive thousands of visitors who are moving purposely at this time to Porto Santo. Venture into such a time machine that will make you appreciate period dresses, secular crafts and delicacies from other centuries, prepared especially for those who do not miss this festival that has been held for many years.



Stroll through history

Stroll through the traditions and the day to day of the island over the last centuries, when visiting "Casa da Serra". Planted in the serpentine road of “Serra de Fora”, dare to go through its nooks, drink its homemade liqueurs, taste its typical “broas” and walk in its threshing floor. Feel the pulse of the past, on the island that lived isolated and had to adapt to the days without links to the world, long live the history of this paradise without haste, where you can only hear the animals of the property that cohabit daily in a peace, that you only find here.


The sound of silence

For those who love diving, the sea of Porto Santo hides charms that you will not want to miss. A container ship that has been part of the history of Madeira's maritime transport and a war vessel, awaits you a few meters deep, becoming real artificial reefs where you can get in and out of its cabins, surrounded by thousands of fish. It is said that it’s a unique spot to dive. That fills our soul with the sound of silence that accompanies us during the dive and that lets the sunshine in through the transparent and turquoise waters, that only this island can offer.



A paradise called “Porto das Salemas”

The port of Salemas is another paradise within a paradise. Situated on the north coast of the island, the site has long been discovered by locals and timidly invaded by the tourists.
Far from the world and many meters below civilization, this magical place is only accessible by foot and reveals, at low tide, an infinite number of natural pools that will make you feel blessed.
Book a day of your vacations to know a truly unforgettable place, immerse yourself in an adventure that is only possible on an island like ours and enjoy the moments in which the sea leaves the stone and offers you a shade of green and blue to register and show your friends on their way home.



Come and enjoy our 600 years

The municipality/county day is right around the corner, and in 2018 we celebrate 600 years since a storm brought the navigators to this harbor, that they called “santo” (saint).
An unforgettable program has been prepared for you, but we are sure that the Popular Parades will also enchant you.
“Porto Santo – Six Centuries of history”, is divided into five important moments, from “Discovery” to “Means of Survival”, through “Settlement”, “Os Profetas” (Prophets) and “Christopher Columbus”. Pack your bags, bring your festive spirit and celebrate our day with your friends.


Hidden history and ethnography

The history and ethnography go hand in hand, in our island, lost in the Atlantic. Located in the city center and in the suburbs, two museums should be part of your holiday agenda.
The first, Casa Museu Cristóvão Colombo, stands hidden behind the Mother Church, with the explorer’s travel diagrams, copies of maps and a seductive heritage, capable of enchanting even the least romantic. The second, located in Camacha, nearby the imposing Pico Castelo, ethnographic riches and various utensils, some of them perfect replicas that have crossed centuries, wait for a visit of those who know that Porto Santo has much more to offer than the famous golden cord made of therapeutic sands.



Where the stress ends and the calmness begins

Here, where the stress ends, the calmness begins.
This unique beach in the world awaits you, all year round, stretching around nine kilometers, embraced by a turquoise sea to lose sight of.
The lazy melody of the waves offers the rest you need, the late afternoon calls for a walk towards the sunset and the night wears a silence so singular that you’ll want to extend the moment. Because calmness has a proper name. Porto Santo!


Porto Santo…the birth place of “bolo do caco”

On the island that gets lost in the ocean of temptations, you will find one that you will certainly not forget. Sharpen your senses to see, touch, smell and taste the famous “bolo do caco”. A magic mixture of water, wheat flour, salt and yeast, probably brought by the Arabs to Porto Santo. Cooked in a hot stone, which they called “caco”, the flat and round bread has taken over the years the basis of a diet on the island in times of greater ordeal. Today, this icon with unmistakable flavor is served in many variants, but its origin is certainly a mark of the paradise that awaits for you. Come and taste it and test your senses.


When everything else is not landscape

They say that Porto Santo, is beach and everything else is landscape.
It is said that there, where the turquoise sea embraces the golden sand, the enchantment of the island begins and ends.
Venture out through the popular pedestrian paths of one of the seven wonders of Portugal and discover that there is much more to see than just landscape. It is an endless awakening of emotions and senses, when you reach Pico das Flores, in the southwest, or when you hold your breath when you reach Pico Branco, in the extreme northeast of the golden island.
Come and discover Porto Santo, surrounded by the Atlantic, where the temperature knows no winter and where the magic places await your visit.



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