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Porto Santo Line - FAQs

The reasons why passengers should get out of the vehicle before it boards Lobo Marinho’s car deck are:

a) Safety - to minimize the simultaneous presence of passengers and vehicles moving on the Car-Deck;

b) Time wasted while parking - if all vehicles boarded with all their occupants, the parking area would become overcrowded, making it impossible for the ship´s cargo to board without delays.

In Madeira Island the ferry boat "Lobo Marinho" leaves from the south dock of the Harbour of Funchal.

In Porto Santo, the ferry leaves from the south dock of the Harbour.

We sell tickets of various prices to cover different demands. The prices depend mainly on the season, the number of persons travelling and the period that you plan to stay at the destination. 

There are 1st Class and Tourist Class, both with a 50% reduction for children aged 5 to 11. Tourist class costs less for the return trips on a different day (under 24 hours). [ Prices ]There also are special fares based on combinations of passenger and vehicle, passenger with hotel and passenger with vehicle and hotel.  [ Packages ]

Porto Santo Line does not do bookings.  All of the tickets bought in the Buy On-Line option are considered sold and are not refundable.
You can buy your ticket at any Porto Santo Line office (including the counters situated near the boarding point), at one of the authorized travel agencies, or you can choose the Buy on-Line option.

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