Porto Santo Line - Transport Vehicles

Transport Vehicles

1- The owner and/or driver of the vehicle shall be responsible for driving the vehicle during boarding and disembarking operations, as well as parking it safely for the journey, while paying particular attention to orders given by the ship’s crew.

2- Damages suffered and/or caused to third parties, to the ship or its equipment, resulting from inadequate driving and/or failure to respect the applicable norms and orders given by the ship’screw, shall be the exclusive responsibility of the driver.

3- Any damage or breakdown occurring to the vehicle during the journey should be reported immediately to any available member of the crew.  Complaints about damages or breakdowns reported after the disembarkment of the vehicle should be made in writing and the driver shall be responsible for providing proof of the alleged facts.

4- Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be permitted to drive any vehicle on-board the ship.

5- Vehicles in a bad state of conservation, which present fuel or oil spills, or  have smooth tyres or any other anomaly that may constitute a danger to the ship or to the safety of the cargo being transported, shall not be given permission to board.

6- Vehicles containing cargo which is not securely packed for transport by sea, or is unstable, or that exceeds the size of the vehicle, shall not be given permission to board.

7- Vehicles which operate on gas (LPG), shall not be given permission to board.

8- Vehicles transporting live cattle and which do not have the appropriate equipment to prevent spilling of excrements, shall not be given permission to board.

9- The ship’s crew members who hold a driver's license shall only under exceptional conditions be permitted to drive or move unaccompanied vehicles or vehicles belonging to passengers, if so requested.

10- The service referred to in the previous point is not in any way included in the transport contract, nor are the professional attributes of the crew members, so that if a crew member acts on behalf of and at the risk of the respective owner/driver, the latter shall be responsible for all the risks and damages that may occur in the said vehicle or any other affected, as a result of error or oversight of the crew member.

11- The vehicles which are not removed from the ship in reasonable time after arrival of the ship at the destination port shall be subject to towing, and the owner and/or driver shall be responsible for the charges resulting from this fact.

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