Porto Santo Line - Regulation Passenger Program

1. Terms and Conditions

1.1 This Regulation constitutes the basic rules for participation in Frequent Flyer Program, and is subject to changes decided by Porto Santo Line.
1.2 A copy of the latest version of the Regulations is available on the Internet and will be provided at the Porto Santo Line sales counter, on request.
1.3 Porto Santo Line may amend these Rules at any time and without prior notice.
1.4 All new rules or alterations made to the present Frequent Traveller Program Regulations will be binding on its Members, as soon as they become available on the Internet, and the Members are responsible for this knowledge.

2. Become a Member of the Frequent Traveller Program

2.1. Only persons over the age of 5 years may join the Frequent Traveller Program.
2.2. From the moment passengers use their cards to earn Frequent Traveller points they are expected to abide by all the rules of these regulations.
2.3. Points will only be earned after the client becomes a member of this program.

3. Membership number and Frequent Traveller Program Card

3.1. Access to Frequent Traveller Program awards and benefits will be made only by presentation of the membership card.
3.2. Only one account is allowed per Member, which may include immediate relatives - spouse and children. These points will be accumulated to be credited to the account holder.
3.3. The password to access the frequent Traveller account on the Internet is personal and is of the responsibility of the Member. For security reasons, this password should not be noted on the card nor revealed to others.
3.4. Each Member shall communicate any alteration of personal information (address, telephone, etc.), to the Frequent Traveller Program, and is entirely responsible for the information provided. The Frequent Traveller Program is not responsible for any loss or delay of mail.
3.5. The Frequent Traveller Program Card is personal and not transferable and is the property of Porto Santo Line, and should be returned if request by the company.
3.6. The Frequent Traveller Program Card cannot be used after its expiry date and / or after the termination of the Member's participation in the Frequent Traveller Program.
3.7. Members’ cards which have been lost, stolen, or damaged may be replaced on payment of an administrative fee, and these should be requested and paid for at the head office of Porto Santo Line, at Rua da Praia 6, 9000-503 Funchal.

4. Frequent Traveller Program

4.1. A statement containing information concerning the Member’s travel activities in the referred period will be sent to the Member periodically.
4.2. Accounts of Members who do not earn points in 12 (twelve) consecutive months will be terminated.
4.3. Under no circumstances will different members of the Frequent Traveller Program be permitted to transfer points between accounts.
4.4. The credits, points and awards are the property of Porto Santo Line and their use can only be made in accordance with the conditions established in these regulations
4.5. Members are prohibited from trading any Frequent Traveller Program points or awards.
4.6. Porto Santo Line reserves the right to provide promotions and benefits of an occasional nature, for a specified time and may cancel them and / or alter them at any time without prior notice.

5. Points and their accumulation

5.1. All Members have a personal account, to which will be credited the points earned.
5.2. Members' accounts will be credited with the number of points corresponding to the product consumed, according to the points table.
5.3. No points will be awarded for tickets which are unused, have expired or been returned for refund
5.4. If for any reason, the points relating to a trip are not credited, members may apply for retroactive credit of the amount to their account up to a maximum of three months after the trip in question, by presenting the ticket or its copy.
5.5. The number of points credited for each product consumed is determined solely by Porto Santo Line and may, without prior notice, be altered by it.

6. Validity of Points and their use

6.1. The Frequent Traveller points in an account will be valid for one year. After this period, the expired points will automatically be excluded from the Frequent Traveller account.
6.2. The use of one’s own points as gifts to third parties is permitted.
6.3. Porto Santo Line is not responsible for the misuse of points.

7. Awards

7.1. Awards or benefits granted under the Frequent Traveller Program are available for consultation on the Internet and at the sales counter of Porto Santo Line, which may amend or repeal the prizes and / or benefits to be allocated.
7.2. The seats available for award tickets are limited, and restrictions will apply during certain periods and for certain types of premium, by decision of Porto Santo Line
7.3. Redeeming of prizes may be carried out at Porto Santo Line.

8. Processing of personal data of members

8.1. Members give express consent for the use of personal data for the purposes of this program and / or other marketing activities.
8.2. Personal data will be processed by Porto Santo Line as confidential, and is processed directly by them or by third parties who will undertake to treat personal data in accordance with the law, and will also maintain the confidentiality of its members.
8.3. Members may access their personal data and they can request the correction of any data found to be incorrect.

9. Suspension and cancellation of Frequent Traveller Program

9.1. Porto Santo Line reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Frequent Traveller Program at any time without prior notice.
9.2. In case of non-compliance with the conditions of the Frequent Traveller Program by the Member, Porto Santo Line reserves the right to suspend or cancel their account, either temporarily (for verification) or definitively, but also to refuse the use of prizes and benefits conferred by the Frequent Traveller program to the infractor.
9.3. The Member may, at any time, terminate his participation in the Frequent Traveller Progam through explicit notification and return of his Frequent Traveller card.

10. Other

The missing cases not provided for in these Regulatios shall be dealt with directly by the administration of Porto Santo Line.

Children (5-11)
Babies (0-4)



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