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Recommended Parking

In the Funchal city center there are several parking options, for your convenience, Porto Santo Line recommends the public Car Park (next to the hotel CR7 Pestana) which is closer to the gate area of the Ferry "Lobo Marinho".

-Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Friday and Saturday open 24 hours.

SEP - Sociedade de Exploração de Parques de Estacionamento, S.A
Telf. 291207040
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- Make sure that the brake is on and the gear engaged when your car is parked;

- Lights must  be switched off and windows open to facilitate communication with crew members;

- Depending on the cargo embarked and on the arrangement of the movable platforms in the garage, the driver is requested to proceed and park straight ahead or in reverse and should follow the crew’s instructions;

- At the end of the trip, and in order not to hold other vehicles up, it is very important that the driver and passengers prepare to disembark as quickly as possible - for this reason passengers are requested to go to their vehicles ahead of time;

- Access to the garage: there are four access points in the reception area;

- If the vehicle has a trailer in tow, or if it is has limited manoeuvrability, or is towed or has any mechanical fault, it must arrive for boarding well in advance (at least one hour before departure) so that its movements do not delay and complicate garage stowage.

Transport Vehicles

1- The owner and/or driver of the vehicle shall be responsible for driving the vehicle during boarding and disembarking operations, as well as parking it safely for the journey, while paying particular attention to orders given by the ship’s crew.

2- Damages suffered and/or caused to third parties, to the ship or its equipment, resulting from inadequate driving and/or failure to respect the applicable norms and orders given by the ship’screw, shall be the exclusive responsibility of the driver.

3- Any damage or breakdown occurring to the vehicle during the journey should be reported immediately to any available member of the crew.  Complaints about damages or breakdowns reported after the disembarkment of the vehicle should be made in writing and the driver shall be responsible for providing proof of the alleged facts.

4- Drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be permitted to drive any vehicle on-board the ship.

5- Vehicles in a bad state of conservation, which present fuel or oil spills, or  have smooth tyres or any other anomaly that may constitute a danger to the ship or to the safety of the cargo being transported, shall not be given permission to board.

6- Vehicles containing cargo which is not securely packed for transport by sea, or is unstable, or that exceeds the size of the vehicle, shall not be given permission to board.

7- Vehicles which operate on gas (LPG), shall not be given permission to board.

8- Vehicles transporting live cattle and which do not have the appropriate equipment to prevent spilling of excrements, shall not be given permission to board.

9- The ship’s crew members who hold a driver's license shall only under exceptional conditions be permitted to drive or move unaccompanied vehicles or vehicles belonging to passengers, if so requested.

10- The service referred to in the previous point is not in any way included in the transport contract, nor are the professional attributes of the crew members, so that if a crew member acts on behalf of and at the risk of the respective owner/driver, the latter shall be responsible for all the risks and damages that may occur in the said vehicle or any other affected, as a result of error or oversight of the crew member.

11- The vehicles which are not removed from the ship in reasonable time after arrival of the ship at the destination port shall be subject to towing, and the owner and/or driver shall be responsible for the charges resulting from this fact.


- Animals cannot travel with their owners.

- The ship’s kennel consistes of 10 cages for dogs weighting up to 25 kg and 4 cages for dogs weighting over 25 Kg;

- Other animals must be transported in their own private kennels;

- The ship’s kennel is ventilated, permanently illuminated and there is fresh water available;

- Location and access: it is located in the garage, on Deck 4, mid-ship port side and can be accessed throught the stern ramp;

- Use of the kennels is reserved for animals belonging to passengers – not for unaccompanied animals;

- Owners may visit their pets during the trip. Such visits should be requested at the Reception. Visits to the kennel must always be accompanied by a crew member.


There are seats available for all passengers; to ensure this, no passenger should occupy more than one seat (placing luggage on the seats or lying down on the sofas is forbidden).

Luggage limits

Follow the rules shown on your ticket. The time limit for the placement of luggage in the ship’s luggage trolleys is 20 minutes before departure time. Never place hand luggage on seats that can be used by other passengers. Always put your hand luggage on the shelves as shown by crew members. Never place luggage near doors or safety equipment.

Disembarkment of passengers on foot

If you intend to disembark by the gangway, always follow the instructions of crew members. Never try to force your way on disembarkment, especially when the gangway is in a slanted position. If you intend to disembark by the stern ramp, never use the access point to the garage situated in the reception area (access is reserved to drivers and passengers of vehicles), instead, use the direct access to the ramp situated in the Bugio Self-service Bar area (port side at Porto Santo and starboard at Funchal follow the signs or ask a crew member for help). Disembarkment by the stern ramp is only permitted by the pedestrian corridor at dockside.

Access for disable travellers

The lift can be accessed throught the stern ramp. A crew member will accompany the disabled traveller in the lift and take him/her to a seat. The ship has a wheelchair available for transport from the dock to the ship's interior.There are toilets designed exclusively for disabled travellers on Deck 6. Disable travellers are always accompanied by a crew member during and boarding disembarkment    

Children (5-11)
Babies (0-4)



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