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At a distance of 71 km from the island of Madeira, lies an Atlantic paradise: the island of Porto Santo! Come and Travel aboard the Lobo Marinho and visit the golden island. One day cruise


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Following the Order no. 101/2020, published in the JORAM II S of March 14, which limits the sale of tickets for the maritime connection to Porto Santo, the Regional Government of Madeira decided to reduce the offer of trips to Porto Santo, imposing only 3 trips per week for the ship Lobo Marinho, thus also going against the will expressed by the Municipality of Porto Santo itself.

Thus, Porto Santo Line informs that from April 2nd, 2020, the ship Lobo Marinho will make the trips Funchal - Porto Santo - Funchal on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at the usual times:

Funchal - Porto Santo: 8am

Porto Santo - Funchal: 6pm

Sales shall be made exclusively on the days of voyage, at the time of embarkation and on the vessel itself, 1h before its departure.


By decision of the Government of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, from 15/03/2020, and until further notice, taking into account the current context on Covid-19, sales of our tickets to Porto Santo will only be allowed to the residents of Porto Santo and to people who will demonstrably have to travel to that island. Online sales are suspended.