Frequently asked questions

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    Why is it that only the driver can enter through the garage / car-deck of the ship?

    The reasons why the other passengers occupying the vehicle have to leave, before the vehicle enters the garage / car-deck of the ship Lobo Marinho, are as follows: a) Security - to minimize, in the place, the simultaneous permanence of passengers and vehicles to circulate; b) Time spent in the manoeuvre, when parking - if all vehicles enter with all their occupants on board, the parking area will be congested, thus making it impossible to load the ship's cargo without delays. (c) Passengers occupying the vehicle must be able to check in from the rear of the ship, where a steward is present.

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    From where does the ship leave?

    In Madeira, the ship Lobo Marinho departs from the south harbour of Funchal. In Porto Santo, the ship leaves from the south harbour.

  • Prices

    What kind of prices are there?

    We offer a variety of fares in order to cover all your needs. Prices change depending on the time of year, the number of people travelling and the time they plan to stay at their destination. At your disposal, you have the 1st Class and the Tourist Class, each of them with a reduction of 50% for children from 5 to 11 years. There are also special rates based on combinations of passenger with car, passenger with hotel and passenger with car and hotel. Please refer to the "Prices" tab.

  • Shopping

    Can I make reservations?

    Porto Santo Line does not make reservations. All tickets marked in the "Buy" option are considered sold and are non-refundable.

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    Where can I get my ticket?

    You can do it at a Porto Santo Line office (see "Contacts" tab), in the "Buy" option of this site or in one of the authorized travel agencies.

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    Can I change my trip?

    Yes, you can change your trip depending on seat availability. However, changes in travel dates, less than 48 hours before departure, will be subject to the applicable rate and possibly to fare adjustments.

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    How can I pay for my tickets?

    At our offices, you can do it in several ways: check, credit card, ATM or cash; When buying online, tickets are paid for by credit card.

  • Vehicles

    What kind of vehicles do you transport?

    We transport all types of vehicles, from light passenger vehicles, light passenger vehicles, light goods vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, heavy passenger vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, quadricycles, jet-ski vehicles and bicycles. All of them are subdivided into classes according to their characteristics. Each class is allocated a fare. Please refer to the "Prices" tab.

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    Do you rent cabins?

    As our trips last approximately 2h15 minutes, we do not have this service.

  • Shopping

    What kind of special packages are there?

    We have special packages, based on combinations of passengers with cars, passengers with hotel and passengers with car and hotel.

  • Shopping

    Are there any trips with accommodations included?

    Yes, we present travel packages with accommodation in the following hotels: Hotel Praia Dourada *** Hotel Torre Praia **** We have combined packages with passengers and hotel and/or passengers, hotel and car. Our hotel packages are always associated with the trip on the ship Lobo Marinho and cannot be sold separately. To purchase your ticket combined with hotel and/or car, you should go to our offices or buy online.

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    Are there facilities for passengers with reduced mobility?

    Yes. Our ship is properly prepared to transport passengers with reduced mobility. - Access to the lift is via the stern ramp, 1 hour before the ship leaves; - A crew member always accompanies you in the lift and guides you to your seat; - The ship has a wheelchair for transport from the quay to the inside of the ship; - The ship has its own toilet for people with reduced mobility (deck #6); - Embarkation and disembarkation is always assisted by a crew member;

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    What time should I report for boarding?

    You must present yourself for boarding, with a ticket valid for that journey, at the passenger terminal no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure of the ship. However, passengers travelling with cars must arrive at the ship's garage/car-deck one hour before the time of departure.

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    Do I need to submit a document (Citizen's Card, Identity Card, Passport or Driver's License)?

    Yes, at the time of boarding, it is necessary to present a document with your identification (Citizen's Card, Identity Card, Passport or Driver's License).

  • Ship

    What's the capacity of the ship?

    The capacity of our ship is 1153 passengers + 145 cars.

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    What happens if I miss the trip?

    Your ticket is valid for 90 days. However, depending on the fare and time of year in question, you may be subject to a re-scheduled fee.

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    What happens if my trip is cancelled?

    If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, you must reschedule your ticket to the new date you want, with a validity limited to 90 days. If it is cancelled for any reason imputed to Porto Santo Line, you can request a refund of your ticket (see "Transport Contract") or use it within 90 days.

  • Ship

    Why travel in first class?

    The 1st Class room is a more reserved area and you can enjoy a panoramic view, from the bow of the ship. In addition, this space has a bar, multimedia room and exclusive wc's. A buffet breakfast or snack is served on all trips.

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    How long is the trip?

    The trip lasts about 2h15.

  • Shopping

    Are there special prices for children?

    Tickets for children up to the age of 4 are free of charge, but they must acquire tickets for the desired trips. Children up to the age of 11 have a 50% reduction on all fares.

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    Can I travel with my pet?

    Yes, but pets cannot travel with their owners. They travel in a specific area designated for animals or, if you travel with your car, you can choose to transport the animal inside of it. Passengers with special needs (mobility, blind and oxygen-dependent) must contact the Carrier and the onboard staff before purchasing their ticket and boarding in order to receive full support with regard to access, escorts, recognised guide dogs or assistance dogs (SVAN) listed in Article 1 of Decree-Law 74/2007, at least 48 hours in advance. Decree-Law 74/2007, namely articles 6 and 7, indicate that Passengers that are accompanied by an assistance dog must present the assistance dog card (the animal must also present the required badge), the fulfillment of the sanitary legally demanded requirements (i.e. the assistance dog must not present symptoms of illness or any behaviour or characteristic that may cause well-founded fears for the security and physical integrity of people), as well as a civil responsibility insurance for damages caused to third parties by assistance dogs. - The kennel has 10 cages for dogs up to 15kg and 4 cages for dogs over 15kg. - Other animals must use their own transport crates. - The kennel is ventilated, permanently lit and has fresh water. - Location and access: located in the garage, deck #4, mid-ship on the port side. Access is via the stern ramp. - Use of the kennel is reserved for animals belonging to passengers and not for unaccompanied animals.

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    What passenger data is required for ticketing?

    With the recent introduction of a Directive on the European Passenger Register, ferry companies are now required to register the following elements: first name, surname, gender, TIN and date of birth, as well as reference to Reduced Mobility Passenger (where applicable). We also request a mobile phone number and email address so that we can inform the passenger in the event of a change or cancellation of travel.