Porto Santo, the birth place of “bolo do caco”

Cristina Costa e Silva

Cristina Costa e Silva

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Porto Santo, the birth place of "bolo do caco"

On the island that gets lost in the ocean of temptations, you will find one that you will certainly not forget. Sharpen your senses to see, touch, smell and taste the famous “bolo do caco”. A magic mixture of water, wheat flour, salt and yeast, probably brought by the Arabs to Porto Santo. Cooked in a hot stone, which they called “caco”, the flat and round bread has taken over the years the basis of a diet on the island in times of greater ordeal. Today, this icon with unmistakable flavor is served in many variants, but its origin is certainly a mark of the paradise that awaits for you. Come and taste it and test your senses.


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